Genifesto v. 0.1
The world is full of nature’s experiments in fabrication, self-replication, evolution.
Make art that fills it the same way.
Structure underlies creation.
Articulate models for making that are generous, designed to be run again and again. With each iteration, such models create unique instances of artwork where the piece, and the process that created it, merge into one.
Experiencing a generist work simultaneously evokes the uniqueness of the instance and its potential to be iterated.
Iterate to explore variation and encourage others to do the same.
Creation is a ferment of inspiration and discovery, millionplexed. Attribution > ownership.
Let models mingle in an open ecosystem, where they can evolve through feedback and experimentation.
We have the means to punctuate our experience and saturate our lived environments with patterned beauty of all sorts for every sense. People everywhere should be able to realize this.
Make fabrication toolchains a staple service, at cost.